Believe the hype

After buying and trying multiple cleansers from various TikTok and other social media famous brands, I figured I had my skincare routine sorted. When Minimum launched, however, I couldn’t help but order the Deep Clean Cleanser! I can say I haven’t touched anything else since! I’ve always struggled with acne, especially now with mask season, but after using this product I’ve felt much more confident in my skin. I wish I’d ordered the bigger tub! I will definitely need to place a new order soon.


Safa, 21


Glossy, moisturised skin that smells incredible

I ordered the Delicious Body Balm and it is SUPER gorgeous. I have very dry skin and I tend to use oils because I enjoy the glossy skin look, but this melts to an oil when it’s on the skin and smells incredible. I would highly recommend adding it to your daily grooming schedule! Also, I received the Essential Cleanser and it works beautifully. I will be back for more!

Sarah, 32

Dry skin problems solved

I have struggled with dry skin on my face around my lips either side and using the cleanser and the hydrating oil in the morning has solved it. Usually I would have showered then moisturised my face and by the time I was dressed it would look dry already, gone are those days!

Tori, 23

Best birthday present

Having not been aware of Minimum skincare, my husband surprised me with the essential skincare range for my birthday. I instantly fell in love with it. It feels counter intuitive to clean oily skin with oil, but it works! 36 years on this planet and I've finally found an affordable skincare range that combats my shiny skin- I'm so happy!


Gemma, 36


Cleared up shine and hormonal acne

Minimum has been life changing! When Covid hit, I realised how greasy and shiny my face was once I was on zoom calls all day. I also desperately needed a little “me” time every day. Minimum solved both! My face is now shine free and I have a lovely little spa session every night when I wash my face. 

I’ve always been one of those people who had to wash my face morning and night and sometimes in between. Since I started using minimum I only wash in the evening, and my face stays shine free around the clock. It’s a miracle! 

Minimum had improved my skin drastically since starting using it a few months ago. It’s cleared up my constant shine and even cleared up my stubborn hormonal acne!

Aly, 36


Dry skin replaced with flawless glow

I was struggling to find a product which would take away my dry skin. I approached a friend, Naomi because her skin always looked flawless. She suggested minimum's Hydrating Face Oil which she uses. My skin looks and feels amazing. I would totally recommend. I have found my forever product 😍. My skin is glowing.

Jess, 26


Nourishing on sensitive skin 

My skin is really sensitive so I'm extremely picky with what I use on my face but your products are amazing, especially the Face Oils! It feels soft and nourishing on my skin! I would highly recommend! 


Kingsley, 30


Quick, easy and light

Being a little old-fashioned, I’ve always used soap and water to cleanse. The minimum cleansers are really good – quick and easy to use and my skin feels very clean afterwards. The [Essential] face oil I apply next is light and comfortable. My normal night creams (various) often feel too heavy and greasy. Very happy with the products and shall continue to use them.

Patricia, 84


Soft skin and perfect after a shave

I use the Hydrating Face Oil every evening, it keeps my dry skin soft and flake free. It also makes my skin feel amazing after a shave.

Mike, 36


Improved complexion and a treat

Minimum oil cleansers are by far the best facial products I have ever used and I've experimented with many! A treat to use at the end of the day they leave my skin feeling soft, supple, clean, hydrated and refreshed. After using them for only a week I noticed an improvement in my complexion and the charcoal cleanser is nothing short of a miracle for hormonal outbreaks. I cannot recommend these products highly enough - simple, effective and heavenly!

Sarah, 34


Trustworthy and enjoyable

Minimum products are amazing, so easy to use with brilliant results. I don't think I have ever trusted a product so much, or enjoyed cleansing my face so much!  My only worry is if I ever run out.

Bernie, 55


Glowing skin and healed dry patches

I had some very dry patches on my nose and cheeks. Once I tried minimum products, I noticed that after a few days the dry patches had gone. Lots of my friends asked me what I was using on my skin as it was glowing. (I can't wait for it to be on the market). It is great and I would recommend it to you all.

Glynis, 70


Smooth and soft skin

Minimum products have been fantastic for my skin, it's smoother and softer. Glad I stole it from my wife!

Dan, 38


Got rid of sandpaper-like dryness

As a more mature lady I have dry skin – sometimes feeling like sandpaper. After trying minimum products I'm delighted to say that the sandpaper effect is no more. I'm over the moon with my softer skin and will continue to use minimum.

Amanda, 66



How have you found minimum products?

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